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If you get hurt on the job, there is a high likelihood that you should receive compensation or benefits. Here at The Law Offices of Markey & Orsi, the experience that our team has in this area of law has translated into favorable outcomes for previous clients. Let us represent you, and start the road to recovery!


In the unfortunate event of a workplace accident, you could potentially be entitled to compensation from your injuries, including:

If a friend or family member has passed away due to negligence or wrongdoing from another party, let us help you. Coping with the death of a loved one is hard enough, and you shouldn't have to deal with the stress of legal battles and implications.


At The Law Offices of Markey & Orsi, we have the compassion, understanding and knowledge to provide you with reliable wrongful death legal counsel. Get in touch with our friendly team today for more details.

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Our Caring Maryland Wrongful Death Lawyers Provide Vital Support after the Needless Loss of a Loved One

Combining compassion with knowledge of complex Maryland laws

Facing the loss of a loved one is always a difficult, emotionally charged experience, but that experience is even more difficult when the person might not have died, except for wrongful acts committed by other parties. Each lawyer at the Law Offices of Markey & Orsi understands the special nature of these challenging circumstances. We guide grieving families through their legal claims with compassion while helping ensure they pursue the compensation they need to build new lives.

Common causes of wrongful death

Any wrongful act that results in death to another individual results in wrongful death. In fact, even an intentional act of murder qualifies survivors of the victim to file a wrongful death action. The following are examples of negligent acts that can cause a wrongful death:


  • Defective products that kill users because of manufacturing faults, poor design or a lack of warnings can qualify survivors of the victim to file wrongful death claims against the manufacturer or other parties responsible for the product flaws.

  • Trucking accidents can result in fatalities due to the mismatch in size and weight between a large truck and a smaller passenger vehicle. Survivors of truck accident  victims can potentially file wrongful death suits against any combination of the driver, trucking companies, and even outside companies responsible for the repair or maintenance of these massive vehicles.

  • Motorcycle accidents frequently result in fatalities to motorcyclists and their passengers due to the lack of protection offered by their vehicles. Survivors of a motorcycle accident  victim can file claims against a driver whose negligence caused the collision. However, even survivors of a single-vehicle motorcycle accident victim may have grounds to file a claim if the accident occurred due to roadway flaws that should have been addressed by governing municipalities.

  • Pedestrian and bicycle accidents frequently cause severe injuries resulting in the death of victims. Survivors can file wrongful death claims when their loved one is killed by a negligent motorist.

  • Medical negligence that results in the needless death of a patient can qualify survivors to file wrongful death actions against healthcare providers and facilities that fail to follow a reasonable standard of care.


Who can file a Maryland wrongful death claim

Maryland law provides two separate types of actions associated with wrongful death:

  • In a survival action, an attorney essentially files a claim for the pain and suffering sustained by the victim from the time of the accident until the time of death, with any damages going to the estate of the victim.

  • A wrongful death claim, on the other hand, is filed by a specific hierarchy of survivors who suffered harm as a result of their loss. According to the  U.S. Department of Justice , the spouse, children and parents of the decedent represent the first level of claimants. If no such parties exist, anyone related by blood or marriage form the second level of claimants, provided they were substantially dependent upon the victim.

Recoverable damages in wrongful death actions

Clearly, no amount of money can bring back a lost loved one, but our attorneys can help Maryland survivors pursue the compensation that can help them move forward after a tragic loss. There are two basic types of compensation available:


  • Economic damages are directly quantifiable losses, including funeral expenses, loss of past and future anticipated income and other expenses associated with the injuries sustained by the decedent.

  • Non-economic damages do not necessarily carry a distinct monetary value, but they still represent very real losses to survivors and are compensable up to a cap based on a complex schedule. These include mental anguish, emotional pain and suffering, loss of society, companionship, comfort, protection, marital care, parental care, filial care, attention, advice, counsel, training, guidance or education where applicable.


At the Law Offices of Markey & Orsi, we help families pursue the full value of their claims under Maryland law.

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